Day care observation

The door abuts a gated outdoor infant sized playground with a foam floor.

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Apparently the child is going through an adjustment period transitioning from the toddler two room where pacifiers are common. From my observation, the daycare is focused on using a lot of consistency.

Another big observation I made, is that even during the times the children were to be singing, sitting in a circle, or doing what they were supposed to do the environment was not structured very well, and seemed flexible.

Staff stated that they were tired of chasing infants who constantly crawled towards the door. My observations found an obvious way to save the staff stress. How can one expect a child to transition to such a different environment so quickly?

My week has been long and tiring. The naptime is for one hour each day, and gives the children time to rest up before the afternoon hours. I respect the classroom teacher who developed her pre Kindergarten curriculum. I sometimes have to remind myself of the latter fact as I work in various rooms.

This is just an observation.

The children at La Petite Academy had a lot of room to run and play. Upon arrival, I saw that they had each student wash their hands before starting their work. The little girl was told to stay on her rest mat for five minutes while other children got up. The staff referred to her as a whiner.

Keeping my thoughts to me will protect future cohesiveness and camaraderie between the teachers. I will end with this entry. The mobile infants were crawling towards the door.

It was a nice day and the door to the infant room was open to let in fresh air.

Day Care Observation Essay Sample

As an educator, the ability to respond to constant change is non negotiable.Mar 05,  · Day Of Observation In Daycare Classrooms – From Infant To School-Age. March 5, // 0.

This is just an observation. I respect the classroom teacher who developed her pre Kindergarten curriculum. I would never correct her.

Who knows if my observation is wrong and her way possibly correct. I would not want a teacher. Daycare Observation Report Essay; Daycare Observation Report Essay. Words Mar 21st, 11 Pages. An Observation Report At Kids Learning Centre In Partial fulfillment of the course Like other day care facilities, The Kids Learning Centre strives to provide the best in child care.

Jun 16,  · Check out our top Free Essays on Day Care Observation to help you write your own Essay. Child Care Observation I observed children at ABC Child Development Center in the 3 year old classroom on March 1, from 8am until 11am. The classroom had a very diverse composition in the classroom, Hispanic, African American, Caucasian, Native American, and Asian (Vietnamese).

Global Child Day Care Service Market: Trends. There are five basic categories of day cares: Child care centers, educational day care, family day care, non-profit day care and subsidized day care. A child care center is a large day - care provider and is often franchised under a brand name.

Day Care Observation Essay Sample. While observing the La Petite Academy where my nephew goes to class, I found the environment very encouraging for children.

Day care observation
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