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Identify your target market. Facts or assumptions — the time has come for you to choose. As our facility is relatively central to the city dwellers of Gauteng, as well as other larger cities in North West such as Rustenburg, it offers the perfect solution for those not wanting to travel great distances to attend our flying school or make use of our other services.

Research your competitors -: PATS provides limousine like service without the typical high limousine price. Insurance to protect your investment the aircraftyour company aviation company business plan liabilities in case you are sued for negligence if something unfortunate happensyour staff who would be risking their lives flying around the world and your passengers whose families aviation company business plan grab you by the jugular should anything bad happen to them on-board.

Gone with the Wind Aviation will provide clients with a safe aircraft for all their aviation needs. What kind of snacks or meals will you provide? Service Description Aircraft Rental: With a global GA market projected to increase by 1.

We will offer a rental aircraft to corporate clients and students wishing to build their flight hours. Understand the financial implications of the business-: The down payment on the aircraft The bond repayment on the property Office expenses Company Locations and Facilities Gone with the Wind Aviation will operate its aircraft out Brits Airfield, North West Province, and the offices and flying school lecture hall is located on the same property.

The results speak for themselves: Now, this kind of business is highly technical and you would need extensive research and knowledge to start this business. Make sure you take the time to study your competitors in depth. Who are your potential customers?

How will you acquire finance to establish your business? Celebrities who desire privacy and secrecy. Objectives Recruit 2 more qualified flight instructors Enrol 20 new students a month Create an interactive website with information and timetables Start an advertising campaign Mission Gone with the Wind Aviation will ensure that safety comes first by maintaining the aircraft in a responsible way and by providing students with a standard safety check chart at the start of each flight.

The products will allow for a quick change from regular aircraft to medical unit. Football clubs to transport players and supporters. You can invest the time needed to run this business but if you are a busy executive adding this to your already long list of businesses, the please consider hiring a management company to run the business for you.

It provides consulting and custom travel arrangements and packages. How long would it take to recoup your investments? When it comes to general aviation marketing, strategic planning involves a continuous process that must take into account both the ever-changing aviation environment and customer demands.

This means that you own the jet along with others and it would only be released for your use based on specific agreement. It should have quality customer service software to manage all the issues related to reservation.

The competitive differences are: The company establishes itself in the medical products field, and seeks FAA design approval.

It is being organized to take advantage of a specific gap in the short-haul domestic travel market for low cost service in and out of the Anytown hub. You can start an aviation business locally with a few aircraft to start. In aviation business plans, you should describe your future plan for the development of the company.We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

Business Plan: Ryanair in the United States A Senior Project presented to images, industry information, and company information. Business Plan: Ryanair in the United States. 4 Chapter 1: Introduction: owned and founded Guinness Peat Aviation, one of the largest aircraft leasing.

Air Leo airline business plan executive summary. Air Leo is a new regional airline aiming at linking Western Europe with the rapidly expanding markets /5(63). Flight Training Aviation Business Plan. COMPANY NAME is seeking funding in order to expand the training services and marketing efforts of a year old airline pilot training service.

The firm trains pilots in BoeingBoeing /, Airbusand Boeing / (proposed offering). The firm has very strong relationships with both the.

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Business plan for Gone with the Wind Aviation. Company Summary. Gone with the Wind Aviation is a new company that provides aircraft rental for flight instruction, and for qualified pilots to work on their flight hours. Business Plan Pro software comes with more than complete sample business plans for all sorts of company types.

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