A description of buddhism as a religion

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They were highly formalistic, emphasizing ritualistic purity, with ablutions prescribed for the members, and they maintained a rigorous adherence to the letter of the Jewish ritualistic and legal books Leviticus and the Deuteronomy.

Here also there is a blend between the contemplative and the preaching life; the different Hindu orders place varying emphases on the one or the other, a distribution of functions that is similar to that within some Christian orders.

Nonetheless Judaism has still amassed a monstrous catalogue of horrors in its name. Experimenting on animals Buddhists say that this is morally wrong if the animal concerned might come to any harm.


Sectarian Schools Breed Cultural Conflict. The doctrine of karma implies that souls are reborn as animals because of past misdeeds. The Mahayana tradition was and is more strictly vegetarian than other Buddhist traditions. So perhaps a Buddhist approach to experiments on animals might require the experimenter to: Bokin Kim, similarly, sees Christ as the Buddha Dharmakayaand Jesus as similar to Gautama who was just a historical manifestation of the transhistorical Buddha.

Lifelong monastic vows are, in those regions, a matter of individual choice, and the order does not take any official stance on them. It heralded a new type of religion, fundamentally hostile to all other religions. In fact, the first Christian cenobitical communities were based on a rule prepared by Pachomius c.

Other purposes Apart from the redemptive, spiritual, and social goals of monastic systems, most of them tolerate peripheral goals that may be rather mundane. To this end, they make use of a "negative theology", which They should be referred to as friars rather than monks, because in Christianity the term monk implies fixity of residence and friars are by definition peripatetic.

By the early second century, post-apostolic Christian theology had taken shape, in the works of authors such as Irenaeus[11] although Christianity is seen as the fulfillment of Jewish prophecy regarding the "Messiah" which dates back much further.

The Hindu and Buddhist official orders are really both. These practices were accompanied by various physical routines such as dances and songs and reportedly sometimes by the ingesting of drugs, usually cannabis e. It is notable for providing an effective model of monastic government and for its requirement, adopted by all subsequent Roman Catholic monastic orders, that the individual monk not own property.

The common denominator lies in the supererogatory status of the monastic life. Buddhist nunneries are not numerous, and their ratio to male convents does not exceed 1: After the fall of Acre, the order moved its headquarters to various places in Europe.

The vow of chastity is spelled out for Hindu mendicants, but poverty and obedience are implied rather than enjoined. At the opposite pole of rigour, certain hippie communes of the s and later, insofar as they sought religious experiencecan be classified as cenobitic organizations.

Improvement of society By and large, monastic institutions may have aided the progress of civilization, even though they often have been blamed for obstructing and retarding it.

Hindu monastic organization is much looser than either the Buddhist or the Christian, and in this sense it resembles the earliest eremitic and quasi-eremitic types in Judaism and Christianity. Starting in the s, authors such as Will Durant suggested that Greco-Buddhist representatives of Emperor Ashoka who traveled to SyriaEgypt and Greece may have helped prepare the ground for Christian teaching.

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The community is usually identified with the Essenesa religious group that flourished in the Judaean desert between bce and 70 ce and was the chief exemplar of Jewish monasticism. Issues that could occur entails adjusting content if its off topic, refining the language style, adding more sources and making sure referencing is well followed.

Early Buddhists but not the Buddha himself used the idea that animals were spiritually inferior as a justification for the exploitation and mistreatment of animals.

In the late 17th century, however, the Nirmal-akhada was created in imitation of the celibate monastic orders of Hinduism and organized on the same principles. BuddhismCreate a to slide presentation to summarize the key ideas of the religion you have chosen.Sep 08,  · "Zen" is the Japanese rendering of Ch'an.

Zen is called Thien in Vietnam and Seon in Korea. In any language, the name can be translated as "Meditation Buddhism." Some scholars suggest that Zen originally was something like a marriage of Taoism and traditional Mahayana Buddhism, in which the complex meditative practices of Mahayana met the no-nonsense simplicity of Chinese.

Buddhism and Christianity

The dictionary definition of a religion specifies the need to believe in a God, however, I argue that that definition is incomplete, because that definition excludes Buddhism, which doesn’t believe in an existence of a God, but there are branches of Buddhism that though doesn’t believe in a God, believes in various enlightened states that.

Feb 05,  · Question description. Topic: BuddhismCreate a to slide presentation to summarize the key ideas of the religion you have polkadottrail.come the following:What are common characteristics your chosen religion shares with the others?How is this religion responding to challenges (e.g., the rise of critical and scientific methodologies) in the modern world?What has changed about.

Every religion has philosophical elements, and I take it you acknowledge that Buddhism is a religion.

I think that given your definition of religion and what you've said so far I would lean more in the direction of the idea that it's a philosophy than a religion.

However, I still have a few questions. Christianity. certainly holds' on the affective respect to Sinhalese polkadottrail.com SOUTHWOLD justice. In virtually everyotherrespect Buddhism resembles markedly polkadottrail.com defence.a definition be valid mustapply to every to instance of the phenomena to be defined.

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If conception. polkadottrail.com exceptionsare so rare thattheistic definitions. Buddhism Main article: Buddhism in Asia Buddhism is the majority religion of Asia and dominant Вьетнамская философия Zen in Vietnam in Relation to the Development of Buddhism in Asia.

A description of buddhism as a religion
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